Igbo Association Ottawa



High Chief Engr. Chidi Ahaotu (B.Eng., BA/PM)

President РIgbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau 

High Chief Engr. Chidi Ahaotu is a distinguished professional with a background in civil engineering and business analysis/project management.

A Native of Emekuku Ancient Kingdom, High Chief Engr. Ahaotu (Ozoigbondu Gburugburu) is deeply connected to his cultural roots and heritage. His upbringing in this ancient kingdom has instilled in him a strong sense of tradition, community, and pride in his Igbo heritage.

Chief Engr. Ahaotu currently serves as the President of the Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau, a position he has held since 2023. In this role, he demonstrates exemplary leadership, guiding the association in its mission to promote Igbo culture, unity, and development within the Ottawa-Gatineau region.


Mr. Walter Chukwuemeka Hammond

Vice President

Mr. Walter Chukwuemeka Hamond currently serves as the Vice President of the Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau, a position he has held since 2023. Renowned for his leadership within the traditional community in Ottawa, Mr. Okoye is also celebrated for his philanthropic endeavors. Beyond his community involvement, he is the CEO of ICCAN Shipping Company, where he demonstrates a profound commitment to excellence and innovation in the shipping industry.


Mrs. Nwanneka Ejiofor


Mrs. Nwanneka Ejiofor is a social worker at the Ministry of the Solicitor General – Ontario Public Service. She is also a member of the Ottawa Board of Health.


Mrs. Angela Ngozika Omoike

Assistant Social Secretary

Mrs. Angela Ngozika Omoike is the Assistant Social Secretary of The Igbo Association Ottawa Gatineau. An accomplished professional teacher and educationist, known for her dedication to fostering learning and growth.

Angela’s international experience is further highlighted through her role as a language schoolteacher with the Ottawa Catholic School Board, where she contributes to the multicultural educational landscape in Ottawa Canada. Presently the International Language teacher with emphasis on IGBO Language.


Ms. Kelechi Akwiwu B.A. (Hons.) M.H.A,


Ms. Kelechi Akwiwu is a graduate of the University of Nigeria. She trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with the Price Waterhouse accounting firm. She also holds a Masters degree in Health Administration from the University of Ottawa. She is currently retired after a career with the Canadian Public service.


Mr. Chikezirim Nwakanma

Public Relations Officer

Chikezirim Nwakanma is a dedicated public servant with a specialization in diesel engine technology and fleet maintenance consultancy. A vital and long-standing executive member of the Igbo Association, Chikezirim’s dedication to community service is evident in his role as a community leader and his recognition as an award winner in diversity and inclusion by the City of Ottawa. His passion for promoting Igbo culture is integral to his contributions, and he currently lends his talents and commitment to the role of Public Relations Officer (PRO) within the Igbo Association, furthering its mission and outreach.


Mr. Innocent Nnadiekwe - (B.Sc, M.Sc, MBA)

Financial Secretary

Mr. Innocent Nnadiekwe holds the position of Financial Secretary in the Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau, bringing to the role his extensive experience in managerial banking. His expertise in finance and banking is matched by his passion for community service and cultural preservation, making him a valued member of both the professional and cultural communities he serves.


Mr. Victor Nwosu

Social Secretary

Mr. Victor Nwosu is a distinguished professional with expertise in Business Analysis and Cybersecurity, a native of Abia State, Nigeria, Victor is deeply passionate about his Igbo heritage and actively contributes to his community as a social and cultural enthusiast. His commitment to advocacy and service within the Igbo community in Ottawa underscores his dedication to fostering unity and cultural preservation within and outside the community.