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Preserving Igbo Culture!

Igbo Heritage Language School

The Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau is committed to preserving our language and passing it down to future children. Our Igbo Heritage Language School, established in 1993, teaches children and adults alike to read, write, and speak Igbo fluently. We are happy with what we are getting.

Cultural Events and Festivals

We host a variety of cultural events throughout the year, including our annual Igbo Day celebration, where we showcase our traditional dances, music, and attire. We also participate in local festivals and events to promote multiculturalism and diversity in our community.

Youth Empowerment and Mentorship

We believe in supporting the next generation of Igbo leaders by providing mentorship and guidance to our youth. Our Youth Empowerment program offers workshops, leadership training, and networking opportunities to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Our Story


Welcome to the Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau, the umbrella organization of Igbo people residing in the National Capital Region of Canada. Our community-based, not-for-profit organization is dedicated to creating a supportive and progressive Igbo community that celebrates and preserves our rich culture through education, socialization, and inter-cultural collaboration.
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What We're About

We Offer Heritage and Community

At the Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau, we are committed to promoting the Igbo identity, supporting Igbo youth in overcoming systemic and cultural barriers, advocating for seniors, and promoting social justice, anti-racism, and human rights. We also work to promote multicultural education and diversity that respects the Canadian mosaic and inclusive and sustainable practices.
Our history dates back to 1990 when a group of Igbo people living in Ottawa came together to form the organization, then known as Otu Ummuna. Since then, we have grown in membership and established initiatives such as the Igbo Heritage Language School and our Youth Empowerment program to support our community. Join us in celebrating and preserving the rich heritage of the Igbo people!



National Capital Region

We preserve Igbo culture and heritage


Our Executives

Meet The team

Meet our dedicated executive team who are committed to advancing our mission of creating a supportive Igbo community in the National Capital Region. Our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise, and works tirelessly to organize events, provide support to community members, and advocate for social justice and human rights. Get to know our executive and join us in building a strong and vibrant community.

New Members

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Become a member of the association and join our vibrant community of individuals who are passionate about preserving and celebrating Igbo culture. As a member, you will have access to exclusive events, networking opportunities, and support from our dedicated team. By joining us, you will be part of a community that is committed to promoting social justice, multicultural education, and inclusive practices. Sign up today and become part of our community!

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Support our heritage
If you believe in our mission to preserve and promote Igbo culture and support our community, please consider making a donation to the Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau. Your contributions will help us to continue providing valuable services and programs to our members and the wider community. Every donation counts and is greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to create a better future for all.


THEME: Promoting Igbo Culture In A Multicultural Canada

We are excited to announce the upcoming 2023 Igbo Day celebration, an annual event that brings together members of the Igbo community and friends to celebrate our culture, traditions, and heritage. Join us for a day of music, dance, food, and cultural activities as we showcase the beauty of Igbo culture. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event!

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Ohafia War Dance

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